To The Stars! (Eventually)

While not much of an update in itself, let it hereby be known that Seventh House is back up and at least minimally functional!

I’ve held onto the old site’s blog content in case there’s any demand for it, but the main focus for this new iteration is to run a development blog for the tactics game I’ve been quietly plugging away at for a while now, and perhaps drop the occasional bit of commentary about the indie/AAA games business (yes, that slash accurately describes my role in things) and game design or storytelling in general.

I don’t promise regular updates, as I’ll be doing this between stints of development on an actual for real video game, that I hope to sell for money, and I’ll have to hire people to work with me on at some stage in the future. That said, I can say with some confidence that this all will at least be fairly interesting.

Before I move on, were you aware I’m working on a Risk of Rain 2 mod? I love the game’s weird planetary setting and was a big fan of the first, but nothing’s perfect and I felt that I could flex my game design organs a bit by experimenting on the game’s growing list of n’er-do-well classes and skills.

If you play RoR2, grab the mod manager and give it a spin – Commando with a Devil May Cry dodge and relevant grenades is a riot.

So finally, as you may have spotted emblazoned around the new not-yet-as-Art-Deco-as-I-prefer-House…

Astral Horizon

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