Seventh House is an online independent games studio with developers from around the world, operated out of Toronto, Canada.

We make the kinds of games we love: character-driven, reactive narratives with strong settings and tight mechanics that reward clever play. Featuring conspicuously aesthetic anime characters, that is. One would be remiss not to mention.

The Housekeeper

I’m Ross, the one with the inscrutable name that sometimes even comes with a “III” appended. I’m the founder of Seventh House. I’ve been making games and mods in every genre since I was old enough to hold a mouse and drop trigger volumes in Warcraft 2. By day I’m a level designer at Ubisoft Toronto, focusing on technical design for Watch_Dogs: Legion and other AAA projects.

Up till now I’ve modeled guns and trash cans, programmed stealth games and shooters, built FPS levels, rigged rifle bolts, cut trailers, painted matte textures, scripted dialogue and cutscenes. I’ve written plots, backstories, quests, and characters. I’ve made robots go boom, fists go bop, and saved(?!) the ancient Indian city of Bhimra.

I founded Seventh House so I can make of games I’ve always wanted to make, like the people I look up to. Better, faster, stronger games. I didn’t intend to become a game dev renaissance man, but it sort of happened anyway.

Among many others, I’m proud to have worked with game-fellows Arvind Yadav and Shamus Young – on Pyrodactyl’s genre-shifting RPG projects and the impressively neon Good Robot. I was also a lead developer for many years on Counter-Strike competitor Firearms: Source, and have a modding history that stretches back beyond the original Starsiege Tribes.

You can check out my erstwhile meddlings with Risk of Rain 2 on the Thunderstore, or follow the devblog to keep track of my work on Seventh House’s latest games.