The humanity of antiquity is dead. Thousands of years into the future, her descendants roam the faraway cosmos, seeking fortunes and settling worlds at the behest of their ageless lords. Their strange and elegant high technology fuels a new Age of Sail, where privateer vessels and crownships alike run the uncharted void in search of adventure. Amidst this struggle for titles, treasure, and glory – the enigmatic ultrahumanist Orthodoxy guides mankind’s advancement with an unseen hand, wary always of lost remnants of the old world.

Astral Horizon is a space adventuring tactical RPG with strong character elements and a post-Earth “high seas” setting, inspired by classic sci-fi anime, Jack Vance novels, and the likes of Fire Emblem, X-COM, and Into The Breach.

It’s the story of an eclectic freelance crew in a galaxy of ageless nobility, spacefaring privateers, ancient transhumanists, and sapient AI that chart the passage of ships through the warp.